Your Guide To Starting And Running A Food Truck Company

Posted on: 13 July 2017

If you are interested in starting a business in your city that can be productive and beneficial to you, consider starting a food truck. Running a food truck company of any sort will allow you to whip up some delicious meals for people, so that you have the fulfilling feeling of feeding the public while they work and live. Think about these tips below to make sure that you get your cost measures in order and take great care of your truck. 

Buy the right food truck, equipment, and parts 

The first step in starting your food truck business in earnest is to get your hands on the truck that you will be using to cook your meals and drive around to the best locations. Start scoping out other food truck businesses in order to see which year, make, and model of trucks that they use. Visit some dealerships so that you can figure out which vehicles will be best for your company. Get some cost estimates on these vehicles, in addition to the truck equipment and parts that come with the territory. Buying a new food truck and the initial equipment that you need might cost between $25,000 and $100,000

Make sure that your truck is stocked with safety equipment

Because you will be handling a lot of cooking in your food truck, make sure that you focus on some safety measures. Be sure that you have a fire extinguisher or two inside of the truck, so that you can quickly fight fires. To ease the burden of loading and unloading your truck, it might be worth it to install a ramp or other truck equipment and parts that will make this easier. Further, always keep your truck up to current safety codes so that you maintain high health and safety ratings. 

Do everything you can to maintain your truck

Finally, keep your truck running properly by getting maintenance. There are a lot of maintenance steps you can follow, such as oil changes and new tires. Oil changes are generally not expensive, as they might cost as much as $70 or so. Since you need your truck to operate for you every day on the job, you might also want to get a roadside assistance plan and keep the contact information of a truck maintenance shop on hand. 

Think about these tips if you are interested in starting a food truck business. 


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