Get Your Trucking Business Up And Running With Used Fleet Trucks

Posted on: 18 September 2020

Starting a new trucking business can put you on the road to long-term financial security. Even during a recession, there are stores throughout the country that will still need new merchandise to arrive on time and plenty of e-merchants will need to get their products shipped from one distribution center to another. But while the long-term potential of owning a trucking company is great, the initial start-up costs can be overwhelming. Even one large 18-wheeler is going to be quite the investment, and it'll get even more expensive if you want to start out with a whole fleet of vehicles. One idea that might help you in this regard would be to go with used fleet trucks while your trucking business is still getting off the ground. Here's why buying used fleet trucks is a wise decision.

You Can Keep More Cash in the Bank or Available on Your Credit Line for Other Purposes

As soon as a brand new car is driven off the lot, it immediately loses a good chunk of its value. The same can be said for buying a brand new fleet truck. Why would you want to take that hit in depreciation as a new business owner? Purchase a used fleet truck instead and someone else has already absorbed that initial depreciation for you.

By potentially saving many thousands of dollars by going used, you'll be able to keep more cash on hand or available through your credit line for your other needs. You never know what's going to happen as a new business owner and it will give you more peace of mind to know that you have some emergency funds available if needed.

A Used Fleet Truck Has a Proven Record of Reliability

Obviously, used fleet trucks will have some wear and tear, but as long as they aren't too old, they should still be in reasonably good condition, especially if someone is going through the trouble of selling them. You'll also be able to bank on the fact that a truck that's already seen time on the road has a proven track record of getting from point A to point B. Ask to see the maintenance records, and you'll be able to confirm that you are getting a vehicle that's not a lemon and ready for duty on day one.

A Used Vehicle Can Still Be Upgraded Later

If you are hesitant to get a used fleet vehicle because you want the latest and greatest, don't sweat it. It's still possible to take a used fleet truck and add newer security features or additional amenities as you see fit. The point is to get a used truck that is good enough to get you up and running and then upgrade later once you have cash flow coming in.

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