How To Get Your RV Trailer Ready For Fall Weekend Trips

Posted on: 8 September 2018

If you just bought a new RV and haven't yet taken advantage of taking it out on weekend trips, then you may not be entirely sure on how you can get it ready. To make sure that you enjoy all of your weekend trips safely and in style, this article will list a few things to make sure you get inspected or invested in before you take your RV trailer out this fall for a weekend trip. Read on to learn a little bit more. 

Have the Brakes Checked

Even though the brakes on your truck or SUV may be in the perfect condition, you need to make sure that the brakes on your RV trailer are also in good condition. Rather than just inspecting them yourself, make sure that you take them into a shop that specializes in RV electric brakes; that way, they can inspect your current brakes and make sure they are in good condition or help install new RV electric brakes if you need them. Contact a company like Burnsville Trailer Hitch for more information.

Have a Bike Rack Installed

Depending on how big your RV trailer is, you may not have the room to store your bikes inside while you are traveling. if you are big road biker or mountain biker, make sure that you have a bicycle rack installed on top of your RV trailer before you hit the road. Having the extra space inside of your RV trailer to put other things like luggage and food will really allow you to travel in comfort. 

Check Your Towing Hitch

Because you have to tow an RV trailer behind your truck or SUV, you want to make sure that your towing hitch is tight and in good condition; the last thing you want is for it to come loose and you to lose your trailer somewhere along the freeway. If you aren't sure exactly how to check your hitch or if you think you need a new one, then contact an auto shop near you that specializes in towing. 

Are you getting ready to head out this fall and enjoy your RV trailer with friends, family, or even just by yourself? If so, then make sure that you check to make sure your brakes and towing hitch are in good condition. And then, to top everything off, if you are a biker, make sure that you invest in a bicycle rack that you can put on the top of your trailer. 


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